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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

So what the fuck is CBD? Hint: it's NOT pot. Mary's Nutritionals is my current FAVORITE way to chill without showing up on Jeff Sessions' DEA watchlist. I love these safe, legal and accessible CBD products and you will too.

CBD — Cannabidiol is a cannabis compound with significant medical benefits, minus the psycho-active side effects caused from THC. It is 100% legal, accessible and I believe it has saved my ass from going off the deep end.

“On the days when yoga just isn't enough and bourbon seems like too damn much, I turn to CBD.”

Stress and anxiety ARE REAL and they have been an unwelcome visitor in my life for a long time. I used to get stressed out about my anxiety and all kinds of anxious about my stress. What a viscous fucking cycle, right?

Enter yoga, meditation and CBD. Well... meditation too though if I am telling the truth, I forget to meditate a LOT. CBD really has been a life saver for me (and for my dog, Holli. I'll blog about that later.)

Stay tuned to this blog for a breakdown of product by product and how I use CBD or join me for a Yinpowerment® and CBD class on February 15th at Dancing Dogs Yoga Atlanta.