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I'm Shelley Lowther.  I am a badass yoga teacher, professional juicer, master of cuss words, inspiration generator, leader creator, doggie mama and entrepreneur.    I am creator of Dancing Dogs Yoga and Beetnix Juice and Bowls, and the driving force behind This Badass Life.

This Badass Life exists to share the things that inspire me to live my most extraordinary life with you.  I believe in magic, and I look for magic in everything I do.  I believe in travel, to expand my horizons, open my eyes and my heart and to find beutiful new places and vistas.   I believe in good food that is as pretty as it is healthy, and sometimes as decadent as possible.   I believe in good products and brands that are not only responsible and ethical, but that exist to create more good in the world.  I believe in getting out of my head and into the WORLD, because that is where my badass life is.  When I find these magical places, foods, products and experiences, I'll share them here.

Reach out.  Connect.  Tell me what lights you up and where you find magic.   


About Shelley

Shelley Lowther wants you to live an extraordinary, ridiculous life of magic and badassery.


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